Become a JA Whole School Partner

What does a Whole School Partnership entail?

A Whole School Partnership is special, because it allows you to adopt a school in your neighborhood, the place you do business. Every student at your chosen school benefits from JA’s programs and your company’s employees have the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with students and teachers. JA works directly with you to determine a partner school and helps you recruit volunteers from your firm (if you desire). Although volunteering is optional, the benefits to your employees and the students they teach are priceless.

What is a Whole School Partner?

Companies or organizations can become Whole School Partners by providing funding and the volunteers necessary to cover the cost of the materials, training, servicing and recruitment of volunteers. Smaller organizations can also become involved by providing several volunteers and partnering with another firm to reach an entire school.

Benefits of Participating

  • Increase visibility in the community of the organization's commitment to education

  • Provide a strong community partnership between the company, the school and JA

  • Give professional and personal development opportunities to those who volunteer

  • Provide public speaking opportunities to employees

  • Teach students fundamentals of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and career readiness

  • Have a team building experience that utilizes the skills of employees to improve the community

  • Make a long term commitment to the students of a particular area

What You'll Provide

  • A financial investment of $5,000 to $20,000 to cover all program materials, training, supplies, staffing and evaluation needed.

  • An opportunity to provide the necessary volunteers to teach Junior Achievement curriculum in every classroom – average is 15 (volunteers needed depends on the size of the school).

  • The appointment of a JA Company Coordinator to serve as a liaison between your organization and Junior Achievement staff representatives to coordinate the activities between your organization and the school.


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