I Am JA Membership Circle

Join a special group of people dedicated to inspiring students to reach their full potential, and who have made a commitment to ensuring JA has consistent resources to equip students for success.

You may become a member of the I Am JA Membership Circle simply by signing up for a monthly contribution at a level that is meaningful to you.

It’s convenient.

Your contribution is charged automatically to the credit card of your choice (until you tell us to stop) which means no reminders from us. So, we spend less of your contribution on postage and paper. Plus, you’ll gain access to special events and opportunities for JA Donors.

It’s powerful.

By eliminating administrative expenses, more of your contribution goes to serve young people in JA programs.

It’s enduring.

Spreading your support over time is easier on your budget and gives JA the security of a steady, reliable stream of program support so that we can make commitment to local schools and partner organizations where we serve youth. You’ll feel good knowing that you’re continuing to support JA’s essential programs in Central Texas.

Join Today.

Joining the I Am JA Membership Circle is a way to amplify the impact of JA programs and the success of young people in Central Texas. Please let us know at what level you’d like to join the I Am JA Membership Circle here. If your life changes, you can choose to increase, decrease or suspend your monthly gift. All you have to do is call us at 512.710.5437 or email members@jacentex.org.

Thank you for your contribution to JA and the young people we serve.

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