JA 100 Angel Investors

The JA 100 Angel Investors is a community of champions for youth entrepreneurship. Whether you are a current entrepreneur or a firm believer in the value of entrepreneurial thinking and hands-on experience, you have a place in our group. The commitment of JA 100 Angel Investors allows us to make multi-year commitments to launch new entrepreneurial cohorts in area schools and to open incubators for teen entrepreneurs. Please join at the level appropriate for you.

As a member of the JA 100 Angel Investors, you will:

  • Be invited to serve as a judge for student competitions

  • Be invited to JA 100 Angel Investor and JACT Special Events

  • Have access to curated leadership, networking and volunteering opportunities

  • Impact the lives of thousands of students in Central Texas

JA 100 Angel Investors The standard JA 100 Angel Investors giving level is a $2,500 annual contribution for 3 years. Contributions may be paid annually, monthly or through gifts of appreciated securities.

JA 100 Angel Investors Leadership Circle  JA 100 Angel Investors who pledge a $5,000 annual contribution for 3 years by December 31, 2018 will be recognized as JA Angel Investor Leadership Circle Members in perpetuity.

JA 100 Angel Investors offers a giving level of $1,000 annually for JA YES members, emerging entrepreneurs, early career professionals and non-profit and education employees.

By joining the JA 100 Angel Investors Giving Circle, you join our quest to provide an hands-on entrepreneurial experience to every student in Central Texas before they finish high school.