Junior Achievement Apps


JA and PwC present JA Build Your Future™


JA Build Your Future is an app that helps teens, their parents and teachers break down the cost of achieving young people's career goals into real, easy-to-understand numbers.

Created jointly by Junior Achievement USA and PwC, JA Build Your Future helps teens explore potential future income from a desired career and evaluate the cost of post-secondary education to help them make informed decisions.

In JA Build Your Future,teens can assess more than 100 careers, see what levels of education are required, then calculate the cost of education. Teens can then adjust the level of money they and their parents may contribute, combined with student loans they may need to secure. At the end of the exercise, teens are given a Return on Investment (ROI) score between 1 and 5. The score helps teens and their parents create a roadmap for success that will take them from choosing a career to calculating the cost of achieving their goals.

JA and T. Rowe Price present Money Confident Kids™

Junior Achievement and T. Rowe Price have partnered to develop a new web portal, available at www.moneyconfidentkids.com, designed to serve as a go-to resource for financial education for parents, educators, and students ages 8-14. The partnership was made possible through a grant from the T. Rowe Price Foundation.

The portal seeks to make financial topics interesting and engaging by offering tips, tools, and games designed to convey basic financial concepts in a fun, easy-to-digest format.

JA presents Success Park™


JA Success Park is an app for tablets (iPad, iPad Mini, Android 10") that complements the in-classroom JA Career Success™ program.

In JA Success Park, you will learn the skills you need now to compete in today's job market.

In the JA Success Park app you are an amusement park employee. You'll explore the rides and attractions where you will be presented with challenges that will sharpen your problem-solving skills. How will you handle an irate customer? Where do you find the answers to business challenges? Use your creativity, collaboration, critical-thinking and communication skills to solve problems and keep your customers happy. There are rewards in it for you!


If you need support for this app, please contact us at helpdesk@ja.org.

JA presents JA Assembling Your Career


JA Assembling Your Career promotes the valuable involvement of teachers, corporate volunteers, and non-profit youth programs to engage middle and high school students in STEM Careers. The Guide for Volunteers and Teachers and the online tools provide practical information about STEM careers and ways for students to prepare for these high-demand careers while still in school. 

Following participation in the supplement, students will be able to:

  • Articulate why STEM careers and STEM skills are important to their futures, regardless
    of where they live now or where they choose to live as an adult.

  • Identify two-three STEM fields that they wish to explore beyond these activities.

  • Chart a path to get them from where they are now to a STEM career.

Junior Achievement gratefully acknowledges Alcoa Foundation for its dedication to the development and implementation of the digital supplement JA Assembling Your Career.

Junior Achievement appreciates its partnership with Alcoa Foundation to help provide middle school and high school students with practical information about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers and ways students can prepare for these careers while still in school.