Kathie Schwerdtfeger

About Yourself And Your Professional Background
I’m the National Grants Management – Disaster Recovery Practice Leader for Deloitte. I have more than 29 years of experience providing financial, compliance, and performance audit and consulting services to public sector entities across the US.

Why Junior Achievement?
I’ve served on two Junior Achievement Boards over the past 10 years—9 with JA of South Texas and 1 with JA Central Texas. I joined JA because I believe education is truly the key to building stronger communities—one child at a time. Education is the great equalizer—it doesn’t matter your socio-economic background—education can help you go wherever you’d like to go. As a first generation college student I found that to be true and believe that investing in our kids and their education is the best way to guarantee a strong community of the future.

Advice I'd Give My High School Self
Don’t let your current circumstances and immediate surroundings define you. Instead, be curious of the outside world and stretch outside your comfort zone. A lot of what seems impossible today is absolutely attainable if you want it  bad enough and make the effort.

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