kristin gossett

What brought you to Austin?
I moved to Austin when I was 17 to go to the University of Texas.

Who are some local entrepreneurs you admire?
Leslie Wingo,  Mike Aviles,  Shawn Cirkiel.

Who inspired you? 
Coach Harry Miesel taught me the value of hard work. I was an average swimmer on an elite team. Coach Meisel taught me the value of methodical, hard work that results in incremental change. I’m a vision, strategy thinker and Coach Meisel taught me that the world is changed by clocking and tackling every single day with high standards.

What is your favorite Austin business?
I have so many. I love that Austin is made up of disruptors. Even our big, major employers were visionary disruptors - Dell, Whole Foods, HomeAway, Kendra Scott. If established players think it’s too risky, too big, doesn’t make sense, that’s where Austin thrives. What starts here changes the world.

Why Junior Achievement? 
Values and Market Opportunity. JA’s values are my values: entrepreneurial, egalitarian. JA is an underutilized asset in Central Texas proven effective in addressing our regions most critical issues. The economy inequality in Austin doesn’t reflect our values as a city. We are rapidly becoming a city of have and have nots.  Low income students don’t have the same opportunities my children do - I don’t want to live in a place where the lottery of your birth determines your future.