JA Launch Lesson Opportunities

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It all started when…

During the one hour visit, a local entrepreneur will share what inspired them to start their own business as well as provide an overview of their professional journey. The purpose of a JA Launch Lesson is to engage students in an inspirational experience that explores entrepreneurship and highlights the opportunities, challenges and preparation required for success. The hope is the students walk away with an awareness of what entrepreneurship is, an understanding of the personal commitment needed to be successful, and a strategic entry point into our local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Time Commitment: One, 1 hour visit to the school to deliver your JA Launch Lesson.

Training: Not Required- work with JA to understand the purpose and perfect your presentation

Round Rock High School

  • Fashion Design I Classes- pick your day of the week

    • 12:56-1:59 B Days

    • 2:42-4:20 A or B Days

Stony Point High School

  • Fashion Design Classes

    • 10:47-1:59

    • 2:37-4:20

Navarro High School

  • Business Classes

    • 9:00-10:30

    • 11:05-12:35

    • 1:25-2:55

LBJ High School

  • Ladies of Distinction

    • 9:45-10:30 Tuesdays or Wednesdays