Lauren Weronick
Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

What brought you to Austin?
I grew up here since I was 10 years old, then moved away for college. After 12 years of going to school, starting my career in public accounting, and moving around a bit (Boston, Dallas, New Jersey and New York), I decided to come back home in the fall of 2014.

Favorite LOCAL restaurant?
Vespaio on South Congress. Get the Osso Buco.

Who inspired you? 
Professor Marylee Crofts at Bentley University. She traveled to South Africa during the election of Nelson Mandela to ensure fair voting. She also risked her life to fight against Apartheid in South Africa, not before being banned from the country for a bit. She planted a seed in me that has brought me here. She rocks.

Why JA? 
I love the mission, the purpose and the values. They had my dream job available here in Austin, so I had to take it.

Advice I’d give my High School self:
Be present in the moment. Stop preparing for the future and enjoy the present.

Where did you attend college?
Bentley University

Favorite Shark Tank Judge and why?
Barbara Corcoran. She is smart, witty, and tells it like it is. I equally like Daymond John. He has great style, is always poised, and never rushes into a decision. And he's lactose intolerant like me - I feel your pain Daymond.

Biggest setback I've overcome:
I stuttered horribly as a child, and still stutter here and there to this day. I am still "overcoming" it daily, but I have NEVER let my stutter get in the way of my dreams.

Favorite quote:  
No soup for you!