AT&T Inspires Local Students with ASPIRE Program

On April 12th AT&T opened their doors to students from Bertha Sadler Means YWLA to share with them the possibilities that await when they graduate and encourage them to stay in school. The AT&T Aspire program is designed to open students eyes to the world of work around them and to prepare them with essential career readiness skills that they will need to enter the working world.

Over the course of the Job Shadow the students were able to experience the day in a life of an AT&T employee, learn about how to job hunt and build the perfect resume. They also had the script flipped on them when they were put in the shoes to sell a product to a customer. At the end of the day the students were able to participate in a panel discussion with employees from different branches of the company. Having the ability to ask questions of managers and time to hear how these individuals got to where they are is important for students because they begin to see themselves there as well.

I learned that I should be working on my resume now. Even though I am not really looking for a job yet it is good to start keeping track of all of my accomplishments and awards. My resume has all of my volunteer activities as well as the clubs I am a part of, and the awards I have won at school.


We want to thank AT&T for hosting our JA Job Shadow, supporting our students and helping them step out of their comfort zones to learn new skills. Many of these students do not see much beyond their immediate neighborhood, and having the opportunity to meet people from their community that grew up where they did makes a world of difference. These students have a bright future, and it was made a bit brighter because of the mentorship from AT&T volunteers.