Local Austin Women Learn Entrepreneurial Skills

Fact: Did you know research shows that women are half as likely as men to start businesses, yet women make great entrepreneurs?

Well, the women at Dress for Success (DFS) are making strides to beat this statistic. These amazing women, who are part of the Going Places Network at DFS, recently went through the  JA Be Entrepreneurial program.  After the participants learned how to identify a market need, understand their customer base and comprehend competitive advantage, they finished up by learning how to develop a business plan for their small business!

The JA Be Entrepreneurial program was a perfect complement to DFS’s financial literacy and career readiness curriculum. And if starting a business isn’t in the immediate future for the participants, the entrepreneurship skills they learned will help them become more marketable job candidates. More and more employers are placing a high value on employees with an entrepreneurial mindset because these employees tend to be more attentive to the needs of an organization and understand both customer perceptions and ethical dilemmas more fully. 

JA and DFS have similar goals, to empower people to own their economic success. JA is looking forward to continued collaboration with DFS to help more of their clients develop entrepreneurship skills.