E2 - Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Summit for Young Women

Young Women

JA and EY announce  E2 - Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Summit for Young Women 2017

The E2 Summit will be held on May 16, 2017 at Capital Factory, 701 Brazos in downtown Austin. The day-long event is for young women in grades 9-11. Sessions will be led by a diverse group of role models passionate about empowering young women to be successful. Attendees will learn fundamentals for career success and practice networking and preparing a resume. Participants will also have an opportunity to experience the initial steps of a business startup through JA It's My Business, with each session building toward a product-pitch competition.

After the E2 Summit, young women will have a range of opportunities to build upon their Summit experience. Options for one-to-one mentoring, financial workshops, and even running a start-up through the JA Company Program will be made available to all young women who wish to continue learning and growing throughout the year. Apply to be a mentor here.

Lauren Weronick, JACT Director of Entrepreneurship Programs, created the E2 Summit after a meeting with local women entrepreneurs uncovered common themes each experienced as young women. Lauren decided to connect inspiring female role models with young women who may not have the support they need to reach their full potential.

With the generous support of EY, the E2 Summit will be an incredible opportunity for dozens of local girls, many of whom will have never been in a downtown office or had the opportunity to meet and network with inspiring professional role models outside of school. 

The E2 Summit Chairs are Maren Miller of EY and Liz Hocker of CLS Partners. For more information or to join the E2 steering committee, please contact the JA office at 512.710.5437 or lauren@jacentex.org.