FactSet and Financial Literacy at Travis High School

Travis High School students are learning about financial literacy and putting it to use thanks to FactSet's support and volunteers. FactSet employees are teaching students about financial literacy through JA Personal Finance, JA it's My Business, as well as helping mentor them through the financial steps they encounter while running their business through the JA Company program. By working with these student they are helping to build the financial cornerstones that will help them become more financially literate today, and use their know how in their future. 

JA helps students find skills and talents within themselves that they never knew they had. For many students, JA is a life changing experience. It opens their minds to what can be possible in their lives. -Debra McClure, Teacher

Through these programs students immediately see the value in learning things like spending money wisely, budgeting, understanding credit and being a smart consumer because it is applicable to their life outside of school. We thank FactSet for volunteering to teach these students about being financially literate and helping us to empower the future. 

I know that these students learned something that they can use on a daily basis, and I realized that I learned a bit as well. -Bill Finnerty, FactSet Volunteer