Inspiring Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

During a Ladies of Distinction Meeting at LBJ ECHS, Sheila Hawkins Bucklew from Hawkins Bucklew Jewelry Designs came to talk with the girls about her entrepreneurial journey and what she has learned along the way. During her JA Launch Lesson Sheila shared how she went from a real estate to a jewelry entrepreneur and how perseverance plus a clear vision along the way helped her achieve her dreams. She encouraged the girls to be confident and determined, and never take their eye off of the vision they have for themselves. Through this session  the girls shared their passions and gifts to see how they align and what they are doing to grow towards their goals.

“Our biggest takeaways from today was- just do it! Stop planning and don’t listen to the self doubt, it will stop you. It doesn’t have to be perfect to get started, do it now! “

Sheila also highlighted how entrepreneurship gives women options to do and be whatever they want, and that there is a community supporting you; “The best thing about entrepreneurship is that we are collaborators, not competitors!” This group of ladies are the next generation of attorneys, doctors, educators, entrepreneurs and leaders in their community. We are so thankful to Sheila Hawkins-Bucklew for spending her time with them today and for the Ladies of Distinction for having a JA Launch Lesson. We can’t wait to see what companies these ladies start!