JA is Expanding Entrepreneurship Programming to LBJ Early Collegiate High School thanks to A Glimmer of Hope

Glimmer of Hope sized.jpg

A Glimmer of Hope Foundation will fund new entrepreneurship programs for 100 LBJ students in 2018. Students will complete the JA Entrepreneurship track - JA Launch Lesson, JA It's My Business and JA Company Program in 2018. The grant includes funds to support a robust summer program so that we can serve the students over multiple school years.

A typical day in a JA entrepreneurship program is anything but typical! Students will spend 60-90 minutes in a hands-on session with their JA volunteer introducing key concepts and supporting them through group work. One day students may be brainstorming possible ways to make dog toys from plastic grocery bags or misprinted t-shirts from a local company, another they may be discovering resources they have which they may have previously seen as barriers. Each week, students develop more skills and more confidence. They begin to see they have value, that all work is honorable, that their community cares about them as individuals - understanding their dreams and helping them reach their potential.

We are very thankful for this investment to expand our JA entrepreneurship programs, and can't wait to begin serving the next generation of entrepreneurs at LBJ Early Collegiate High School.