Making a Difference for Thirty-Five Years and Counting

Bill Taylor started volunteering with JA in the classroom over 35 years ago when it was first introduced to JA Project Business in Houston, TX. After teaching there for a few years, Taylor was hooked on teaching the students so much so that when he was later was hired on with 3M in Austin he requested that he be allowed to continue teaching JA classes. He has taught just about every program that JA offers. In a typical school year Bill teaches about ten JA classes in the Austin and Round Rock area.

Many of Taylor’s past students come up to him years later to thank him. One was a student at the University of Texas working at 3M as a co-op student. She thanked him for what she had learned in her JA class at Deer Park Middle School in eighth grade. Another past high school student said, “I learned more from your JA classes than any class in high school.” An elementary student told Taylor, “JA In a Day class was the best day of my life.” Students love “Mr. Bill” as he is often referred to by his students and he loves sharing JA and his own personal knowledge with them.

“Besides being so rewarding, teaching JA also improved my presentation and speaking skills, keeps me younger by working with students, allows me to give back to my community and also keeps me learning. I think by helping students be better prepared for being productive employees and financially literate, we are helping the future be better for everyone.”

If Taylor could bestow one piece of financial advice on his students it would be, “Start saving early, as compound interest is your friend. Heeding this advice gives one financial independence in their retirement years.”

Thank you Mr. Bill for helping so many young people to reach their full potential!

Not only does Bill volunteer for JA he also pays it forward by donating, to ensure that more students have access to JA programs.

If you would like to learn more about how to get involved with JA, click HERE!

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