JA Student of the Month

JA Student of the Month, Anika

JA Student of the Month, Anika

Would you please tell us about yourself?    My name is Anika and I'm an 8th grader at Canyon Vista Middle School. I participated in JA’s It’s My Business Program in the fall semester, 2016.

What was your favorite part? My favorite part of JA was the part where we got to make a prototype of our project. I loved this part because it enabled me to use my creativity and be practical at the same time. I got to envision the final product and keep working out the kinks and flaws in our company, EZcon.

Did you learn anything about yourself during the program? I learned a lot more than I expected about myself during the program. I learned that I am an overachiever because I wanted to do a marketing video, life sized prototype, along with a well-polished presentation. I also however learned that I follow through on what I start, because my group and I achieved all these things. Lastly, I learned that I want to consider being an entrepreneur as a career choice.

How did your thoughts about Entrepreneurship change as a result of the program? At first I regarded Entrepreneurship as boring and easy. Over the course of the program I learned so much about what it takes to be an Entrepreneur and how the products that come out of entrepreneurship can change lives and open doors for people. Now all I think about is what I can create and how it can help people. For example, when I went to India over winter break, I spent hours perfecting and adding to a notebook with ample ideas on products I could make and sell to better the lives of the poor people living there (I even made a prototype of a type of shoe that is made with affordable materials for the poor). Before JA I would have never thought to do these things, but now I feel compelled to be as much of an entrepreneur as I can be.

What skills do you think JA helped you get better with? I feel that I got better with time management for sure, not over planning what my group and I could do, and being realistic.

Would you recommend that Canyon Vista have JA next year? Why? I would 10,000% for sure recommend the program again because it teaches kids so many life skills and valuable lessons like everything I said above. It also makes us think of the many problems and gets us wondering what a kid like us can do to fix these problems!