How Junior Achievement Supports Your Community's Kids

There are many ways to support children and young people, and one of the best ways to reach out to kids in your community is through Junior Achievement. As an organization that has always advocated for the kids in the community, Junior Achievement is focused on helping children and young people today determine who they are, who they want to be, and what they want to do with their lives. Choosing colleges and careers is very important, and JA can help today's youth find a better way to decide what is going to work for them. With hope and a future, young people will have a purpose and a plan they can work with.

What Junior Achievement Offers

At Junior Achievement, we can offer kids much more than they may be able to get elsewhere - and they can get the help they need all in one place. The economy is becoming more global every day, and when we are able to teach students what they need to know to succeed globally, everyone benefits. Children who have the confidence to do what matters to them and to focus on their rights and responsibilities as global citizens can help themselves and everyone they come into contact with so they can help build value in the companies and organizations where they work and volunteer.

Help With a Purpose

We believe that JA has a responsibility to help transform the preparedness of our youth. It's a mission, and we want to take that mission and continue develop it into a full-out movement that changes lives. Together, we know that we have the ability to inspire this generation of young people to be ready for their adulthood. We can help them become financially capable, and increase their tenacity so they don't give up on the things that matter to them. With skills for the 21st century and a desire to think outside the box, the youth of today can become the leaders of tomorrow. They can also learn to take the right risks and manage those risks the right way, so they can welcome opportunity into their lives and keep moving forward.

Student Success is Vital

Junior Achievement understands that education is a vital part of the success of any individual. When children and young people have the right amount of education to carry them through their career pursuits and the goals they have for themselves, they can make much more of their lives. Not only that, but they can also enrich the lives of those around them, and use what they have learned to help other people who may be in the same or a similar situation in life. Many people who are helped by JA go on to help others through JA programs later on in life, bringing things full circle for our organization and their communities.

Life Skills Matter, Too

We also know that education is not the only important part of becoming a successful adult. You also need life skills, and we can provide those to children and young people through a number of programs we offer. These life skills include financial skills, as these are so vital. There is little good in bringing in a high salary if you don't understand how to manage your money effectively. By teaching the young people who go through our programs good, strong life skills, they will be ready not just for their careers, but for anything else that their lives will bring to them.

JA My Way

The JA My Way program is one of our most significant achievements. We use this program to provide young people with the means to determining what kind of career they want. Deciding who and what they really want to be can help get them on the path toward making that come true, and can keep them motivated and moving forward. They may have a big dream, but not be sure how they are going to achieve it. With the right knowledge and tools at their disposal, they can take those big dreams and turn them into reality. JA My Way can go a long way toward helping them find what they need within themselves.

Giving Back Matters

Time, talents, and money. They are all needed to ensure that Junior Achievement can continue to provide children and young people with everything they need to move successfully into adulthood. With help from volunteers in the community, and with generous donations from those who believe in our cause, we can continue to help more young people make the transition from school to a career successfully. The youth in our community are very important, as they are the future of that community and the rest of the world. Helping them benefits everyone.