Travis High School hosts IPO Days for their JA Companies

This week on March 28th and 29th there was an under the radar public offering.

Students participating in the JA Company Program at Travis High School hosted their first IPO Days. During their class periods six JA Companies pitched their business to local business leaders in hopes of raising the funding necessary for their products to get off the ground.  This event gave our students the opportunity to interact and communicate with business people from the community, practice their pitch and presentation skills, as well as opens an opportunity to raise capital for their companies.

With a wide array of products, from bracelets and t-shirts to earphone holders and board games, there was a company for every interest. Not only were students given the opportunity to pitch their company to the public, they also received feedback and guidance on some of the aspects of their company that they were having difficulties with. At the end of these two days we are happy to report that all companies have reached their fundraising goal and are ready to take the next step in creating their companies!