Opportunity is for Everyone.

JA of Central Texas envisions a future where our community delivers on its values - where every child has an opportunity to use their talents for the betterment of society. We believe that all work is honorable. We believe that an entrepreneurial mindset benefits everyone - not just entrepreneurs or business people. And most of all, we know that Opportunity is for Everyone.

Junior Achievement maintains an active vision, front and center, on how we can have change the lives of a generation - guided by our core values:

  • Belief in the boundless potential of young people

  • Commitment to the principles of market-based economics and entrepreneurship

  • Passion for what we do and honesty, integrity, and excellence in how we do it

  • Respect for the talents, creativity, perspectives, and backgrounds of all individuals

  • Belief in the power of partnership and collaboration

  • Conviction in the educational and motivational impact of relevant, hands-on learning

Our Purpose

Junior Achievement inspires and prepares young people to succeed in a global economy.

Our Diversity Statement:
Junior Achievement is the recognized leader in "empowering young people to own their economic success®" through volunteer-led, experiential learning. We are dedicated to providing a positive, enriching learning experience free of bias. Junior Achievement welcomes K-12 students, volunteers and potential staff regardless of race, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected characteristic.

We invite you to take up the challenge with us!