Current Open Classes

Our three pillars focus on  Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness and Financial Literacy. Whatever your passion, there is a program for you. The classes listed below are full of students who are awaiting your knowledge and mentoring. 
Step One:  Pick a class and sign up to volunteer. 
Step Two:  Register for a program training where we'll cover best practices and you'll receive the program materials.

LBJ High School

7309 Lazy Creek Dr, Austin, TX 78724

The JA Summer Start-Up Incubator is a unique experience for high school students interested in exploring their entrepreneurial potential. With help from corporate volunteers, students will start and run your own business. Whatever your interests or strengths, there is a place for you in the company!

We are seeking volunteers to serve in 1- 2 hour chunks the first two weeks in June! Click here for more information and to sign up!

Metz Elementary School

84 Robert Martinez Jr St, Austin, TX 78702

CALLING ALL ENGINEERS! We are looking for engineers who would be open to spending 1 hour delivering a JA Launch Lesson where you share your path to engineering and lead the kids through a hands on activity (elementary level) during the month of June.

Volunteers have the freedom to pick the date and time frame of your visit! Click here to learn more. 

african american youth harvest foundation

6633 US-290 #303, Austin, TX 78723


Breakthrough central texas

Various locations

Work with the 10th grade Leadership Institute this summer! We will be working on workplace readiness skills using JA Career Success.By volunteering  at this after program, you can help set these students up for success. To find out more about the classes, commitment and to sign up click HERE.

ja launch lesson speaker

Various Schools

Are you an entrepreneur looking for another way to get involved? Try a JA Launch Lesson. During this 1-hour program you get the opportunity to share your entrepreneurial story and inspire students to start a business and begin their entrepreneurial journey. To learn more click HERE.

Other Schools We Serve: