Welcome Back!

Did Junior Achievement (JA) make a difference in your life? Is there a story you want to share about how a JA mentor helped positively influence your life or career? Do you want to re-connect with JA and others who had "the JA experience?"

JA Alumni are a select group of leaders who have experienced Junior Achievement programs as a student. You may have run your own student business as a member of the JA Company Program®,experienced what it was like to make financial decisions in a student-managed city as part of JA Finance Park®, or learned about money, careers or running a business in any one of JA's other K-12 programs.

Regardless of which JA program you participated in, we invite you to join the JA Alumni Society by registering here. It is free to join! Our goal is to re-engage with you and share periodic updates about what JA is doing now.

Benefits of JA Alumni Society Membership include:

  • An exclusive JA Alumni Welcome Package that highlights the past, present and future of JA
  • A chance to share your JA story and discuss why "JA Matters"
  • A quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date on what is happening with JA now
  • Access to the JA Alumni LinkedIn Page
  • An opportunity to connect with JA in your community
  • And many more!

Again, thank you for your interest in reconnecting with Junior Achievement. We look forward to learning more about your JA journey!