Suzannah Gravatt
Program Manager

What brought you to Austin?  
My husband and I moved to Austin in the summer of 2000 via Birmingham, AL, originally from Florida.  He was accepting a new position with the Texas Education Agency.  I was continuing my work with American Cancer Society.  We were on a "5 year plan" but have fallen in love with Austin, all things Texas, are rising Texans and can't imagine why anyone would live any where else.

Favorite local restaurant?
This is tough because we love food and Austin is a great restaurant city!  Olive & June is our regular favorite.  But we also enjoy Uchi and Clark's Oyster Bar.  And it is hard to pick a favorite BBQ so we just keep making the rounds to Franklin, La Barbecue, Coopers, Salt Lick....

Local entrepreneur you admire?
Amy Simmons from Amy's Ice Cream.  My dream job as a kid was to work in an ice cream store.  Amy took that up a notch with her quality product, fun atmosphere and multiple locations.

Who inspired you? 
Everyone who loves what they do inspires me.  We live in such a great time where interests, hobbies and passions can become profitable businesses.

Why Junior Achievement?
For me it is a great way to make connections between passionate adults and kids who want to do great things.

If I weren't doing this job, I’d like to be...
An astronaut

All-time favorite book?
Gone with the Wind

Piece of financial advice you rely on or wish you had learned earlier?
High interest credit card spending is bad!

Advice you'd give your High School self?
Don't be afraid to be creative.

Where did you attend college?
University of Florida

Favorite Shark Tank Judge and why?
I don't really like any of the Judges, but Marc Cuban and I often pick the same products to support.

Biggest setback I've overcome:
Losing my mom to cancer in 1991 changed the course of my life, my education and my career.  I miss her everyday but know the things she taught me are deep in my heart.

I’m told I look like...
Kathleen Turner circa "Romancing the Stone"