JA Launch Lessons

Junior Achievement is partnering with entrepreneurs and classrooms in the Austin area for JA Launch Lessons.

Are you an entrepreneur who knows what it takes to start and run a business?  Or, maybe a teacher with a classroom full of kids who could be the next Kendra Scott or Michael Dell?

The JA Launch Lesson is a presentation about entrepreneurship delivered by entrepreneurs to students in the Austin area. During the one hour visit, a local entrepreneur will share what inspired them to start their own business as well as provide an overview of their professional journey. JA believes it is important to provide young people with an opportunity to engage directly with entrepreneurs to help them better understand the benefits and challenges of starting a business.

Research conducted by JA® shows that while young people look up to entrepreneurs, today’s teens may be more risk averse than previous generations and are seeking out mentors and role models to help them gain a better understanding of how to plan for the future. Among students surveyed after their JA Launch Lesson, 81% were motivated to learn more about entrepreneurship, while 98% of entrepreneurs surveyed said they enjoyed the experience and would volunteer again.

These lessons help open students' eyes to the possibilities provided by a future in entrepreneurship. The purpose of a JA Launch Lesson is to engage students in an inspirational experience that explores entrepreneurship and highlights the opportunities, challenges and preparation required for successful participation in the global economy. The hope is the students walk away with an awareness of what entrepreneurship is, an understanding of the personal commitment needed to be successful, and a strategic entry point into our local entrepreneurial ecosystem.