Resources to Download

Maker Bowl Overview - Provides a general overview of Maker Bowl for companies who wish to have their staff participate in Maker Bowl

Maker Bowl Coordinator Manual - A toolkit that provides everything a company's event organizer needs to make their participation in Maker Bowl a success 

Sponsorship Form – Become a Lane Sponsor or a Goodie Bag Sponsor to promote your organization

Sample Bowler Recruiting Email - Use this email to recruit bowling team members within your organization

Bowler Donation Request Letter– Email this customizable letter to friends and family to ask for their support

Ideas for Writing Your Fundraising Page - Sample content to use for creating fundraising pages that are inspirational

Why JA? - Video link that can be included on your fundraising page or in emails

JA Maker Bowl Logo– Add the logo to flyers or emails to spark excitement about the theme

Junior Achievement Logo– Utilize this logo to bring awareness to JA’s mission

JA Maker Bowl Flyer- Distribute this flyer to recruit participants